Welcome to Brackenholme Hall

Hello and welcome one and all....

                                                            to a world of poultry at Brackenholme Hall

Thank you for visiting our website, which we hope will be a useful experience to you.

We enjoy with a passion our poultry, they are treated as members of our family, as daft as that sounds. We are both from generations of farmers, and seek to adopt good stewardship principles for all living creatures in our care.Each month I will publish here our opening hours here, they do vary throughout the seasons.



 PLEASE DO NOT CALL "ON THE OFF CHANCE" or for ANY REASON at the Hall at any time. Or down the private drives or anywhere else or disturb other users of the business park, thank you so much. Our open hours are clearly stated please stick to them, thank you

 Please do not bring your dogs to our property, thank you

Please do bring boxes/carriers if you wish to purchase poultry, thank you!

If you are only able to keep a small number on hens, then you need to choose the best hens for your environment, and also for your needs. Some people are happy with some 'eye candy' pretty hens who lay very few eggs but look nice, whereas other people would like a good breakfast most of the year round.

Our ratings on each hen breed/hybrid page is an honest experience of all the hens we have kept over the years, allowing you to make easier decisions for happy hen-keeping.